• Facade - Silent Night Museum
  • Pflegerschlössl, Carer Castle

Silent Night Museum in “Pflegerschlössl” (Carer Castle)

Wherever you hear “Silent night, holy night”, time stands still for a moment, whether it is at midnight mass, at home by the Christmas tree or ringing out from the radio. Even today, it is testimony to a profound basic human need for peace and reflection, which overrides religious and geographic boundaries to bring people together in reconciliation.

The “Silent Night Museum in “Pflegerschlössl” is dedicated not only to the life and work of the writer, Joseph Mohr (1792-1848), who spent the last eleven years of his life as a vicar in Wagrain, but also to the global circulation and effect of the song.

The “Pflegerschlössl” is an ideal location for this unique museum project. It was constructed in 1794 for the supreme archiepiscopal administrator, withstood both political and social upheaval, served as an administrative office and a courtroom, then as a school, a bell foundry, a blacksmith, a residential house and finally it became a museum. >>

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You dont have to do much
to realise how little you can do ...
  • The extension, designed by Ulrich Stöckl, enabled modern day usage of the building without renouncing its historic legacy.

    The script sculpture in front of the building presents the iconic words of the song to the whole world.
  • The function room and ticket office area can be found on the lower floor of the modern extension. The former basement of the Pflegerschlössl has an interactive wall showing the re-enactment of the history of Wagrain.

    By clicking on the different links visitors can see humorous animation films which depict the development of the community from a poor mountain village to the tourist centre it is today.
  • The lower floor is dedicated to the origin of the song itself, with originals, text and picture installations and sound recordings..

    The upper floor focuses on the feelings in the song - the longing for security, pausing for reflection and the awareness of time.


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