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Cultural Association “Blaues Fenster” (Blue Window)

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The cultural association “Blaues Fenster” was founded in 1991 by Wagrain locals who were interested in culture, and it developed from the local history museum association.

Its activities are non-partisan, charitable and not intended for profit. The association’s aim is to promote cultural life in Wagrain in as many different ways as possible. This includes:

  • The organisation of events
  • The promotion of cultural and creative work in the village
  • The communication of cultural achievements
  • The preservation of cultural heritage in the present and the future.

The “Blaues Fenster” cultural association organises and runs:
“Music and Theatre in the Market Square”, readings and exhibitions in Waggerl House and in Silent Night Museum, the cultural walk, various artistic and creative projects for adults and children.

In addition, papers and publications administered by the Waggerl House Museum and the Silent Night Museum, as well as the Waggerl Archives and the local history collection, are distributed. >>

Kultur Blaues Fenster
A good idea is like a rooster in the morning,
as other roosters immediately start to crow too...

    The promotion of good communication and cooperation amongst a large number of people and organisations in the village is an important part of the “Blaues Fenster” cultural association.

    The overriding aim is to create and maintain a good atmosphere between local people, guests and visitors.

    Protocol to the General Assembly
    of 2021 (german language) >>

    Chairpersons of the „Blaues Fenster“
    cultural association:
    • 1992 to 1995: Michael Ellmer
    • 1995 to 1998: Margareta Kühhas
    • 1998 to 2001: Bertl Emberger
    • 2001 to 2010: Elisabeth Kornhofer
    • 2011 to date: Maria Walchhofer

    As a member of the association you are given free entrance into the Silent Night Museum and the Waggerl House Museum.
    Individual membership : € 20.-
    Family membership : € 30.-

    Kulturverein „Blaues Fenster“
    Maria Walchhofer

    ZVR: 267 451 989

    Markt 14, A-5602 Wagrain
    Phone.: +43 0664 236 00 14,
    Fax: +43 6413 8213-17

    E-mail: kulturverein@wagrain.salzburg.at


Cultural Association “Blaues Fenster”
Markt 14, A-5602 Wagrain

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